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Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Doctor-Supervised | All-Inclusive | $160/mo.

Experience optimized hormone levels and feel stronger than you have in years.

Program Includes

Testosterone Replacement Therapy - Doctor's Visits

Doctor Visits

All required appointments and consultations.

Custom Testosterone replacement therapy Plans

Custom Plan

A testosterone therapy plan based on your body chemistry.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Delivery


All your prescriptions are automatically shipped to you.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Phone Consults

Phone Support

We’re here when you need us.

How it Works

We specialize in testosterone replacement therapy. Our advanced, unique program is designed to help men increase their sex drive, energy, decisiveness, weight, physique, sleep patterns and much more. Our testosterone replacement therapy programs are medically sound, comfortable and affordable.

LowTdoc is an all-inclusive testosterone replacement program designed for men over 40. Our unique, safe, convenient testosterone therapy protocol allows us to offer the highest quality treatment at an affordable price.

Our program is a contract between LowTdoc and our patients. Patients agree to follow our treatment plan. We provide the following:

  • Initial laboratory workup
  • Initial doctor’s examination
  • Follow-up laboratory workups (every 4 months)
  • Follow-up doctor’s visits (every 4 months)
  • Testosterone (your precise pre-measured dose, ready-to-use)
  • Injection supplies (syringes, alcohol swaps)
  • Estrogen blocker (if needed)
  • Sharps disposal container

After signing up, you start with visit to a nearby laboratory (Quest Diagnostics) where your blood will be drawn for extensive profile, prepaid by LowTdoc program. Upon receiving your results, we schedule your appointment with Dr. Berman, who will perform a physical examination, design an individualized testosterone treatment plan and train you in injection techniques.

Every month, you will receive a package containing your monthly supply of testosterone, estrogen blocker if needed, and injection supplies. The first package also includes a sharps disposal container to properly dispose of used needles.

Blood tests and physical exams are repeated approximately every 4 months. This is necessary to achieve the best results without jeopardizing your health. There is no reason not to undergo them because they are included in the cost of Low T Doc program. During your follow up visits, your doctor analyzes your results, takes care of possible problems and adjusts your dose if necessary.


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