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Our Flagship All-Inclusive, Doctor-Supervised Testosterone Replacement Therapy Program


Family Hormone Balance

After starting the LowTdoc protocol and achieving results, patients often request consultations to their spouses. Hormones exert tremendous effects on mood, energy, sleep, circadian rhythm and other vital function. Imbalance of hormones between spouses can contribute to tension and even end a marriage. Our Family Hormone Balance program significantly improves quality of Family life.

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Lab Services

Due to our affiliation with many specialty laboratories we are able to provide in-depth testing. We also offer our clients deeply discounted laboratory services for such tests as thyroid, cholesterol profile, liver and kidney tests, tests for exposure to viruses and bacteria, autoimmune testing and more. Call our health coach for pricing.

Weight Loss Programs

Testosterone Deficiency is closely associated with metabolic syndrome and thus obesity. Many overweight men suffer from Low Testosterone and many men with Low Testosterone complain of weight gain. In those men, fat usually accumulates in the hips, lower abdomen, and breasts.
Testosterone replacement has been demonstrated to cause moderate weight loss after 5 years of continuous use, but most of our overweight members decide to lose weight faster. We offer several programs targeting extra weight.
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Thyroid Optimization
The main function of thyroid hormone is to regulate the speed of reactions in the body. People who have low thyroid are unable to lose weight, have slow metabolism and low energy, especially upon awakening. When Thyroid function is optimized, patients start to notice increased energy and substantial weight loss, even without a diet.
Mitochondrial Support
All burning (converting foodstuffs into energy) in the body takes place in microscopic inclusions within cells called Mitochondria. Eons ago, the theory goes, mitochondria were independent bacteria, capable of utilizing Oxygen in the process of making energy. Mitochondrial support allows body to burn and make energy faster and thus result in less fat accumulation.
Appetite Suppression
If appetite is a problem, effective appetite suppressive regimen can be prescribed. We utilize natural as well as Pharmaceutical products, such as appetite suppressants to assist our patients with weight loss.
HCG Therapy
A method used since 1963, which utilizes ultra-low calorie diet with HCG, (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) a special hormone produced in the female body during pregnancy. HCG tricks the brain into thinking that person is pregnant and directs body to unlock fat storage for daily use. This diet usually takes 23 days of strict dieting.

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Discounted Supplements

Many of us, after hearing about some supplement — rush to a store to buy some. After a while, we end up with dozens of bottles of supplements that cost you hundreds of dollars and take none of them.

We can help you to pick supplements produced by physician quality manufacturers and not available over the counter that benefit you the most and help to buy them at affordable discounted prices. Sleep aids, probiotics, anti-diabetic, adrenal supporters, vitamins, herbs all are available upon request or upon recommendation.

We Affiliate with such companies as zymogen, ortho-molecular products, klaire labs, cardio-vascular research, and others to provide you with superior quality of life. Call us for details.

Erection Meds

There is nothing in regard to sexual function that is not affected by testosterone, and many patients report improvedin sex drive. In some cases however, testosterone replacement alone is not enough to restore the ability to perform.

We offer discounted generic Sildenafil (the main ingredient in Viagra) as well as compounded Tadalafil (the main ingredient in Cialis) at very affordable prices. For those patients who failed on those medicines, we offer Tri-Mix or Quad-Mix, the same treatment that is offered by Boston Medical Group for thousands of dollars. Call for details.

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