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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

If you are suffering from age-related hormone imbalance Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy or shortly BHRT is your best choice. For patients suffering with symptoms of menopause or perimenopause such as hot flashes, night sweats, poor sleep, loss of sex drive, irritability, breast tenderness, fatigue as well as for men with testosterone deficiency symptoms such as feeling burnt out, over the hill, lack of morning erections and libido, loss of muscle mass and desire to exercise, weight gain and elevated levels of triglycerides and blood glucose, bio-identical hormones are emerging as best option to control and eliminate these symptoms. Same could be said about men and women with low thyroid function and adrenal fatigue.
The key to successfully and safely restore hormones to their youthful levels is to seek an advice of a physician specializing in Bio-identical Hormone Replacement, a hormone doctor who devoted time and effort to study and become an expert in treating patients with Bio-Identical hormones.
Dr. Mikhail N. Berman at Youth Extension Solutions with Offices in Palm Beach Gardens and Hallandale is an expert in the field of BHRT with more than a decade experience in diagnosis and treatment of patients seeking treatment of Age-Related Hormone Imbalance be it Menopause, Testosterone Deficiency, Premenstrual Syndrome, Thyroid imbalance and Adrenal Fatigue.
Utilizing his advanced skills in physical examination pertaining to symptoms of hormone imbalance and state-of-the-art hormone testing he will determine deficiencies and excesses off estrogens, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid and adrenal hormones and balance your hormones with Bioidentical hormone regimen.
Why to prefer BHRT over HRT
For years it was considered natural for women at the age of late forties and early fifties to suffer from symptoms of Menopause. Hot flashes, night sweats, mental fog, irritability, tearfulness, fatigue, poor sleep, loss of sexual desire was considered normal and women were expected to deal with it.
Then, even though human hormones are very simple molecules which could be easily made from such natural sources as soy and wild yams, the pharmaceutical industry created artificial hormones: Premarin from PREgnant MARe urine, Provera and other progesterone-like ( but not progesterone ) substances called progestins and started utilizing them to treat Menopause. Of course, many actions of these medications were somewhat different from hormones that are produced in the human glands and were associated with significant side effects.
Suzanne Summers who was treated with Bio-Identical hormones felt a tremendous difference and became an international advocate for their use. Bio-Identical hormones are called that way because their molecules are identical to hormones that are produced in human glands ( endogenous hormones) and their action is identical to natural human hormones. This is why they are much better tolerated and produce almost no side effects.